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IVAC products are created with 50 years of craftsmanship, experience in the trade, machining experience, family tradition and artisanship. This special collection of products has been developed and tested since 2009. 


IVAC meets customer needs with modern production techniques, quality and product improvement practices. By meeting engineering and quality materials needs, and customer requests in an economical way that is also in conformity with international quality standards, we aim to provide our valuable customers with solutions in the vacuum and semiconductor industries. 

What We Do


We are thrilled to introduce you to IVAC, a company that constantly improves itself through customer surveys, international collaborations, ever-improving production experience, high quality production lines, highly trained professionals and impeccable customer service principles. 

We design products for vacuum and semiconductor industry. IVAC products are a special selection of 304 or 316 Stainles Steel and Aluminium EN AW 6082 vacuum and fitting components flanges, seals, O-rings and clamps.
Our vacuum and fitting components can be customized for your specific needs.

Our Products


KF Flanges are often welded onto a custom vacuum system or instrument by a customer with in-house welding capabilities. They are used to create a weld free straight connection within a vacuum system. Some types are also used as adapters between different tubing sizes or flange types. These fittings are mostly used to close unused connections or they are altered by customers with their own custom machining capability for a special use.


*On request we can produce Copper and Nickel seals. These seals are highly preferred in cryogenic processes and radio resistant processes. (Temperature range: Copper up to 300 °C, Nickel up to 450 °C) (Size range: NW16 to NW250)

You can contact us with sufficient demand.

KF seals are useful in many situations in which a vacuum system or instrument needs to be protected from contamination by particulate generated from outside the system, or from within. These seals are made of the same sub-components as the standard centering ring assemblies. It is suitable for vacuum as well as for pressure applications.


Vacuum machined clamps and cast clamps are used (in conjunction with a centering ring with fitted o-ring) for mating KF flanges. ISO-KF vacuum flange clamps provide the sealing force to fully compress the O-ring for a vacuum seal, and mechanical force to hold the two flange faces together.


KF fittings are ideal for high vacuum environments. KF Components, KF Fittings and KF Adapters are available in a variety of configurations. Our flanges and fittings are ready to use as received. Reducers are characteristically used to transition between flange sizes of the same range and may be zero length or non-zero length. Adapters provide a method to join two different styles of seal.

Let’s grow together!

IVAC continues to grow with its 50 employees, 1600 m2 workspace, CNC lathe, CNC milling machines and

up-to-date technologies, international collaborations and strong references.

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